Three Perspectives on System Design Challenges

The Hardware/software interface, or HSI, is the critical technology that allows the software to communicate with the hardware it controls. It is an essential part of every system design; if it doesn’t work, the product doesn’t ship. A subtle bug can make it impossible to add new features in the future, jeopardizing long-term success and viability.

Different design team members have their view of the HSI – what they need to do, how they want it done, and what they need to know about it to get their job done. There are many cross-dependencies to take into consideration.

In this entertaining webinar, uncover the different perspectives across the design team, including the RTL architect, verification engineer, and firmware developer. Each will bare their soul regarding their challenges and frustrations. Who has the best perspective? Is there a way to meet the different needs of each team member and collectively work towards a superior system design?

These are some of the questions that will be answered in this unique and informative webinar. Explore this creative showcase of three unforgettable points of view that bring many critical pieces of the puzzle to light, along with the high-impact strategies to tame design complexity challenges.


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