Arteris Magillem Registers product is a scalable solution for managing registers in complex SoCs. It offers a memory map view based on IP-XACT, supporting advanced features like integrating large-scale IP register descriptions. With synchronized databases and consistency checks, it enhances productivity by reducing errors. The tool ensures high-quality design by synchronizing HW, SW, and documentation. It provides flexibility through scripting and a user-friendly GUI. Seamless integration, customizable import/export, and register properties streamline workflows, reducing errors and project cycle times.



The scalability of Magillem Registers ensures it can handle the increasing complexity of SoC designs, providing a solution for managing registers and offering a memory map view of IPs and systems based on the IP-XACT standard. This approach also allows the integration of configurable IP register descriptions from different sources and formats. 

Improved productivity and quality

Magillem Registers enhances productivity by reducing errors and misalignments. It achieves this through a synchronized database and comprehensive consistency checks, ensuring that the HW, SW, and documentation are synchronized. This synchronization creates a single source of truth environment, resulting in a high-quality generated design. The tool also offers features such as creation, editing, and review through Tcl or Python scripts and an intuitive register editor GUI. These capabilities reduce manual errors and cycle time, leading to faster completion of projects.

Seamless integration and customization

Magillem Registers seamlessly integrates into existing design flows, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency. It provides customizable importer/exporter and registers property definitions, allowing for easy adaptation to different design environments and requirements. This flexibility enables design teams to work with their preferred scripting languages and customize the tool according to their needs. Magillem Registers helps design teams achieve greater efficiency and accuracy by streamlining the integration process.

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