The Arteris FlexNoC 5 XL Option is designed to develop small to large-scale topologies in deep neural network (DNN) and machine learning systems. This enhancement to the FlexNoC 5 interconnect IP offers expanded functionalities such as mesh-based interconnect generation for better scalability, increased NoC initiators and targets for comprehensive IP integration, and improved network performance tailored for next-generation applications. It includes features like broadcast links and virtual channels to optimize data flow and reduce latency, enabling efficient handling of large data sets and complex algorithms. The XL Option also supports increased data widths up to 1024 bits and accommodates the growing data requirements of modern systems, making it ideal for high-bandwidth, data-intensive applications.

What you’ll learn:

  • Advanced Topology and Scalability: Enables mesh-based interconnect generation for superior scalability and flexibility in SoC designs, particularly suited for advanced DNN and machine learning applications.
  • Enhanced Integration and Communication Efficiency: Facilitates the integration of numerous IP blocks and enhances communication efficiency using broadcast links and virtual channels.
  • Optimized Data Handling and Performance: Supports expanded data widths and high-bandwidth memory configurations to meet high data volume demands and improve overall system performance.

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