Arteris CSRCompiler is a cost-efficient product for building the complex HW/SW interface (HSI) foundation in System on Chip designs. CSRCompiler automates HSI design, verification, firmware, and documentation, providing multi-language input support. Its agile design flow ensures early engagement and best practices for the entire design team through collaborative management from a single source specification. CSRCompiler detects design and semantic problems, ensures IP integrity, and performs rigorous analysis for a self-consistent and valid address map, improving communication and minimizing inconsistencies and errors.


Automation and efficiency

CSRCompiler automates HSI design, verification, firmware, and documentation, eliminating the need for additional scripting. This saves time and effort for architects, designers, engineers, and writers. It supports an agile design process and facilitates collaboration among the entire design team by managing the design from a single source specification.

Comprehensive and accurate design ecosystem

CSRCompiler provides a complete, correct, and up-to-date register design ecosystem. It ensures that the HSI information is shared smoothly and integrates well with different disciplines. The tool detects design function and semantic problems, preventing design mistakes during address map deployment. It also identifies IP integrity issues, ensuring the clean import of third-party IP or internal legacy data. This comprehensive analysis and validation process result in a self-consistent address map that generates valid RTL.

Improved communication and coordination

With the increasing complexity of HSI, better communication between different groups becomes crucial. CSRCompiler and CSRSpec enable improved communication and coordination among architects, designers, verification engineers, software developers, and technical writers. The tool provides HSI information in specific formats required by each discipline, ensuring that everyone has access to the necessary information to meet their deliverables. This promotes collaboration, reduces errors, and facilitates a smoother development process.

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